Do you need Edd’s help completing your restoration project? We are currently looking for car owners whose restoration projects have got the better of them. Are you interested in participating in Edd China’s Garage Revival and are in dire need of Edd’s help in order to get your project back on track? Then, please send in your submission form today! But please be advised, Edd China’s Garage Revival is no free ride. Your favorite mechanic will expect you to give him a hand in the garage.

Please understand that by completing and sending in this submission form, it doesn’t automatically grant you and your project a spot in the series. After receiving your application, the production company might reach out to you for additional information. All applicants will be notified of the outcome in due time.

Here’s how it works: In STEP 1/2 we ask you to fill out some basic information about you and your car. In STEP 2/2 you can upload your «Distress Video» using our Vimeo upload service. Your video will NOT be published on Vimeo - it will only be available to the production company. The «Distress Video» is your chance to shine, so make sure you sell your case to the best of your ability.
We would love to know a bit about you/your family and the car. Good luck!

I’m ready - take me to the Submission Form!